A Message from the President

May 4, 2021

Hi everyone

Over the past few weeks, we have had several enquiries through phone calls and messages to check the status of your merchandise orders.  I have put together some FAQ's to answer your questions about your orders which will hopefully provide some comfort to those who are waiting for their orders to arrrive.

Merchandise FAQ

Who is our supplier?

Indigo wolf is a sponsor of the football and netball clubs. They are a local company in Torquay

however all manufacturing of the garments is done overseas.

Why is there a delay?

The Global Pandemic has had a profound effect on the manufacturing, shipping and delivery times


What are we doing about the delay?

Indigo wolf is in constant communication with the transport companies and as soon as it arrives, the

club is contacted, and we collect. Due to the volume at any time it can take a while to pick and pack,

sort into who is in what team, contact co-ordinators who then distributes to families.

What are the current delivery timelines?

We are getting merchandise deliveries every few days or so. These items seem to be random from

both the first and second rounds of orders. 

Is it just our club?

The delay of manufactured goods is occurring everywhere. Playing jumpers and shorts are taking 6 -

8 weeks from the different companies we are advised to use and preferred by AFL Barwon.

What are we doing about it for the future?

After the season has finished, we will look at how we manage our merchandise into the future. We

may need to have earlier cut off times, and outsource pick, pack and delivery. We will be

considering all options

Why doesn’t the club have stock on hand?

Unfortunately due to the expense, this is not an option. We are a large club and to purchase every

item in every size would be a high cost to the club, and we cannot afford to have stock left unsold as

we cannot return it.

Thank you for your patience!

Our sincere apologies with the delay in your merchandise orders and your patience is much

appreciated. Rest assured when we have a merchandise delivery, we will endeavour to get it to you

as soon as we can